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Car rental in Perth, Who to go too ?

Car Rental Perth

Our fleet is well maintained with a three bay workshop out the front of us Swanbourne service centre. We take pride in ensuring our vehicles are kept in great condition both mechanically and cleanliness. Our cleaners work hard to keep the vehicles looking fantastic inside and out and to make sure all the fluids and tyres are in good condition.

We have grown into a fleet that caters for many different needs. Our small economical cars range from our Hyundai Accent’s and Getz’s to the more recent Toyota Yarris’s and Hyundai I20. Theses smaller vehicles provide great reliability at an affordable price making these vehicle great for the budget hire vehicle customer. Our Larger Sedans are more ideal for some one after that extra space or power with a broader range of options available from Toyota Corolla Ascent Sedans, Hyundai Elantra’s to our largest sedans Ford Falcons, Toyota Camry’s. These larger sedans are great for longer drives or families.


So what vehicle do I need for my car rental ?

Just one person – Metro Driving :


If its just a single person requiring car rental then our recommendation is going with on or our smaller rental vehicles. Our Hyundai Accents, Getz, I20 or Toyota yarris will suit. They are small vehicles, cheap on fuel and easy to get around in and due to there size these rental cars are easy to park just about anywhere.

Of cause these cars all seat 5 people and comfortably seat 4 .

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Hire cars from as little as $24 per day for seven days or more

Just one person – Country Driving


If its just a single person but your going on a longer drive then a bit more space and comfort will better suit since you may be spending a fair bit of time in the rental car. In this case we recommend the Hyundai Accents and the new Hyundai Accents. These are both small sedans but offer more space and comfort then our other small rental cars and furthermore they offer better boot space for luggage. Again they are both good on fuel so this helps to reduce travel costs.

The next step up and quite a few people go with this option is too take a medium size sedan which offers even more space and a bigger engine.


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If you are a family of 4 -5 people requiring car rental then we would recommend our Medium to Large sedans.Our medium size sedans the Hyundai Elantra’s and Toyota Corolla’s are best suit for family’s of four and the Large sedans the Toyota Camry’s for family’s of 5.


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Need Children Seats


We hire out childrens seats and all our hire vehicles have mounting points for children seats.

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Do you rent other vehicles too, Ute hire, Van Hire, People Mover hire ?

Ute Hire,  Van Hire & People Movers Hire

Of cause we also provide for the specialised car rental vehicles such as Ute’sVans and People Movers. We stock the faithful workhorse “Toyota Hilux” Ute, in older and new models. The hire utes are perfect for moving that bed or fridge on the weekend or for the tradie needing to get to the job. Our Hire Van’s are the Mitsubishi Express van. Seat seats at front and the empty rear is perfect to move some furniture or keep your tools from getting wet.

The Hyundai I-Max people mover is there to hire when you need the seats. The I-max seats 8 people and has plenty of space at the rear for luggage or what ever. Good for larger families or taking a group of friends or clients on a road trip in comfort.


What additional services to you provide for car rental in Perth ?