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      Rental Cars – New Hyundai Accent : Automatic 

      We are always upgrading and replacing our rental cars too ensure that we stock modern reliable vehicles and to take advantage of recent innovations in the vehicle design and features. We have been investing in the new Hyundai accent 4 door automatic sedan which is an ideal successor too our older Hyundai accents.These rental cars offer all the convenience you would want from a small car sedan, but is packed with state-of-the-art technologies, loads of comforts, advanced levels of safety and plenty of room. The rental cars have a Sleek, fluidic sculptured design with a modern, athletic and aerodynamic profile, this vehicle looks impressive. Safety is always a relevant concern for our rental cars so its no surprise that the new Hyundai Accent is a vehicle designed with safety in mind.  Built safe, A comprehensive range of active safety features provide the highest levels of occupant safety.


      Beyond the notable safety features the New Hyundai accent offers a range of interior extras providing for a comfortable drive. Theses rental cars also offer greater blue-tooth and USB integration with a easy to use stereo touch screen interface it is easy then ever to connect your phone and media devices then ever before.  Feature packed, superior interior space packed with high quality features, exceptional comfort and convenience. Power with efficiency with a 1.6L engine produces all the power you need, with excellent fuel economy. For more details visit Hyundai website here


      Since these vehicles are brand new and offer greater space and comfort they are ideal for longer trips where such considerations would be important. The more room allows for greater leg space and the boots space means you can generally fit your luggage with ease in the rental car. These vehicle given the brand new do cost a little more then our other smaller rental cars but they offer a whole lot more features wise.


      Of cause if you think this vehicle would be too small for your requirements we also offer medium to large automatic sedans, click here for more information







      1.6 L