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Christmas Is nearly upon us, Have you got you hire car booked!

I spose yay it’s that time of year again where we must all get together and mingle with the family, eat to much food, drink to much wine and come away from it all thinking “what did I do this year ? ” . Of cause I’m being just a tad too cyncical for what is usually a welcome break from work and a time to catch up with that family but amongst it all if your visiting from abroad often your going to need a hire car to get you around the ever expanding metropolitan¬†area of Perth and this of cause where we come in. We have some great rates for Christmas time to help ease the stress on your wallet through the silly season but I would reccommend getting in early as with out fail every year all our cars dissappear. So get in while you still can and grab a great deal with our range of rental vehicles we have some that will suit all situations, from the family sedan to the small city get about.

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Cottesloe car & ute hire