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    Transmission: Manual
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    Deposit: 400 AUD

    45.00AUD per day
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    Transmission: Manual
    Free distance: 0 km
    Deposit: 400 AUD

    Here at Cottesloe Car Hire we have been offering ute hire in Perth for the last 20 years stocking the faithful workhorse “Toyota Hilux” Ute, available for hire in older and new models. Our ute hire in Perth is convenient and reliable, with an ideal tray size that meets most job standards making it perfect for moving beds or fridges on the weekend. The majority of our utes for hire also have a tow-ball, perfect for tow box trailers providing extra moving capacity for work or moving large, heavy items. We also offer hire utes with warning lights on the roof of the vehicle, ideally this meets health and safety requirements of your job. We also have a hire ute with a cage at the rear that offers added enclosure on the hire utes tray.

    42.00AUD per day
    Total Rental 42.00AUD

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      Hire Vans – Mitsubishi Express Van Manual  








      2.4 L

      Hire Vans – Mitsubishi Express Van Manual  

      The Mitsubishi Express Van is a part of our rental vehicle fleet here at Cottesloe Car Hire. The Express Vans have been a reliable and steady performer for customers who require van hire in Perth as they have enough space in the back for a number of large items as well as two seats in the front. Our van hire in Perth is ideal for moving some furniture whether it be a cupboard or a bed, our vans available for hire can fit what you need in the cargo area.  The Mitsubishi van has both a door on the side and the back for easy access to the cargo area. Our Express vans are popular over the weekend so Cottesloe Car Hire recommend you to book your van hire in Perth in advance so you don’t miss out!

      Mitsubishi Express vans FROM just $36 per day! Call us today on (08) 9383 3057!

      Mitsubishi Express vans FROM $36 per day

      How big’s the carry dimensions ?


      The hire vans cargo area dimensions are 2.2 m Long, 1.5 m wide and 1.2 m high. We have included a cargo dimensions table of our hire utes and hire vans so as to give you an idea on what would be better suited to your purpose.

      Hire Utes/ Vans – Carry Dimensions Table

        Length    Width    Height    
      Toyota Hilux  2.4 m 1.8 m  .25 m 
      Toyota Hilux (with cage)  2.4 m  1.8m   .75 m 
      Van  2.2m  1.5 m   1.2 m

      We have included a table of average bed sizes to give you an idea of the hire utes tray sizes so as to better judge if a hire ute or a hire van is right for you , if you think the van would better suit your purpose please click here to view information on the hire van.

      Average bed sizes


      Bed Type

      Metric Measurements (cm)

      Single Bed size

      92 cm x 187 cm

      Single Extra Long size

      92 cm x 203 cm

      King Single size

      106 cm x 203 cm

      Double Size

      137 cm x 187 cm

      Queen Size

      153 cm x 203 cm

      King Size

      183 cm x 203 cm

      Do you have extras (ropes, trolleys ect) to help me move with the hire ute / Van ?


      We offer the use of ropes free of charge with our ute and van hire In Perth to help you tie down your load. You can easily tie down loads on the hire utes since there is a rail under the hire utes tray on which to tie the rope to.

      We also have our removalist trolleys available for hire so you don’t break your back moving that fridge or washing machine! For more information on our hire trolleys visit our extras page here, so that you can choose the trolley on our extras page with the online booking system.