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Hire Car Care and Cleaning

Don’t  bring half the beach back with you…

The hire car comes back as it went out

The Hire car is not a rubbish Tip!

We understand that in the natural course of using a hire car it’s going to get a bit dirty, wether it’s the rain or dust that is fair enough, but it dose become a problem when  the rental car is returned with “half the beach in it” or spilt food or drinking staining that car. We ask that customer take care with the interior of the vehicles so as to avoid staining and or damaging the vehicle. Unfortunately it take a lot of time and effort to try and remove the staining to the seats and fabrics and therefore we have a cleaning fee to discourage the hire cars being returned in such a state. We feel that you wouldn’t want it to happen to your own car so why should it happen to a hire car.

“Normal dirtiness is fine and part of the service”

Please do not 

1. Smoke in the hire cars. It is very difficult to remove the smell of cigerate smoke !

2. Stain the seats with food, drink and what ever other fluids.

3. bring Excessive dust, sand or dirt into the vehicle

4. We generally do not allow animals in the vehicles, but if you must please ask us first about permission

What is fine :

1. There is generally not issue with external dirtiness assuming you haven’t stained the exterior with say bore water. Bugs, dust, grime and what not is easily cleaned of

2.  a bit of sand, dirt and dust is fine

So please note there is a minimum $110 cleaning fee when vehicles are returned in an unacceptable state. Why ?

1. It will take us alot longer to clean the vehicles given we will have to shampoo the seats

2. The car cannot be hired out again until it is cleaned till an acceptable state, so we loose out.

3. Unfortunately some staining cannot be removed and devalues the hire vehicle

4. We will have to use alot more cleaning product too clean the hire vehicle

The cleaning fee will depend on the extent of the work required to return the vehicle to an acceptable state which can reach up to $300 and beyond if the carpets need to be replaced.

” Where can I clean my hire car ? “

If your concerned your hire car is on the margins of being acceptable, bring it in and we are happy to assess the state of the vehicle for you. If you know the vehicle is unacceptable feel free to try and clean the car your self to avoid our cleaning fee, but please just make sure it looks like the pictures of an acceptable vehicle. There are various mobile car detailing services that will come to you (usually as expensive of more then what we charge) alternatively there are various drive through car cleaning joints near us that you can take the hire car to, below is a list for your convenience.

Shop & Wash Claremont

Shop & Wash Claremont
Diver Lane and Gugeri Road, Basement Entrance Car Park, Claremont WA 6010 ‎

Claremont Carwash

 232 Stirling Hwy, Claremont WA 6010 ‎

The gallery of Grott!

The pictures below illurstrate unacceptable states for the hire vehicles to be returned in.

Dirty 01

Hire Car Care

We take the up most care with our hire cars to ensure the up to a high standard, checking fluids, tyres and the spare everytime the var is cleaned. Furthermore all our vehicles are well maintained with the three bay workshop out the front of our premises which keeps the vehicles in good shape and reliable. So this following advice is rather for our long term car hire customers how take vehicles for 3 months plus. It is generally good motor vehicle practice to check the oil and water every so often hire car or not to make sure the fluid levels are fine and the tyres are at the optimuim pressure so as to prevent damage or identify problems. So wiht our longer term customers we reccommend if they feel comfortable enough to check the oil, water and various fluid to  ensure that there at the right levels and not to low. But we will always recommend if possible to bring the vehicle in for us every three months to check over the car to make sure everything is alright, so do hesitate to come in and let us have a look.